Details at George and Powlett
The courtyards set to be delivered at George and Powlett
19 Jun 2017 / News
A new architecture for East Melbourne

Placed among the East Melbourne’s wide streets, rows of stately Victorian homes and acres of parkland is George and Powlett – ICON’s new collection of only eleven contemporary, meticulously crafted apartments, designed by the acclaimed architectural practice of Powell & Glenn.

A secret garden on the city’s edge, East Melbourne is a place of historic grandeur and elegant contrasts. As one of the city’s most exclusive suburbs, this pocket of prime central Melbourne is as renowned for its prestigious location as it is for its architectural beauty.

To live in a space designed by Powell & Glenn is to experience architecture as an art form, and George and Powlett’s apartments are elegant examples of fine craftsmanship and effortless artistry that speaks to purchasers who share an appreciation for excellence in design.

“We carefully selected our creative partners for George and Powlett for their artistic and organic approach to design to create a property of the highest calibre,” says development manager, Kyle Reeve. “Powell & Glenn’s homes are both contemporary and timeless – a balance we work to achieve through all of our projects at ICON.”

Powell & Glenn have designed George and Powlett to complement this verdant and historic part of East Melbourne. While distinctly modern in design, there is a rhythm to the façade that connects George and Powlett to its stately heritage surrounds.

“George and Powlett makes a statement, but its quiet elegance weaves seamlessly into the historic built environment of East Melbourne,” says Ed Glenn. “We have selected materials that patinate rather than deteriorate, and we have used a palette of colours that exists in the natural world, to give the property an authentic and timeless beauty.”

The materials used for these spacious and beautifully proportioned apartments, such as raw timber and stone, create a natural canvas that invites residents to author a unique signature to their home.

“We are making George and Powlett feel as understated as possible by stripping back the handprints of the architect. What remains is quiet, yet theatrical,” says Ed Glenn.

The building is architecture in a minor key, with a composition balanced between light, landscape, fine art and space. From the graceful street trees, to the private gardens and from the textural curved entrance to the designed ruins covered in vines, subtle layers and articulation create a sense of depth and allure to redefine the building’s setting.

“One key design feature of George and Powlett is also a curved off-form concrete wall on the south boundary that guides people into the entry,” adds Glenn. “When that wall is completed it will be a beautiful thing. The wall, garden and building are nestled into the existing East Melbourne historic fabric in a way that creates an exciting contrast and rich urban experience.”

Powell & Glenn’s design for George and Powlett offers refined simplicity and a natural grace that will truly stand the test of time, and is a home where residents will feel connected with each other, the landscape and the community of East Melbourne.